India at 70: India-UK Trade & Investment

A new era of partnership 

Taking the 70th Anniversary of India’s Independence as its platform, India at 70 will comprehensively analyse the dynamic growth and diversity of trade and foreign direct investment (FDI) ties between India and the United Kingdom as they increasingly embrace bilateral partnership opportunities, as well as joint ventures in third markets across the Commonwealth and elsewhere around the world.

The value of overall trade between India and the UK now stands at around £20bn – double levels of a decade ago – and is set to continue to rise. Moreover, the rising trend of foreign direct investment by each country in the other confirms an ever closer economic partnership – Indian investment in the UK has risen ten-fold in the last decade to around £2bn and investment by UK corporates in India doubled during the same period to around £4bn.

Against this background and the positive post-Brexit prospects for a comprehensive bilateral foreign trade agreement between India and the UK, this publication will scope the trade and investment landscape between the two countries, and focus down on those areas where current and prospective opportunities are located in both countries – including key infrastructure, high-tech research and development, ICT and business services. Further, it will articulate through detailed case studies best practise trade and investment processes and techniques, and direct readers to a broad range of public and private sector organisations which can assist them  with every aspect of their business activities.


India at 70: India-UK Trade & Investment

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